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  • Zolonris says:
    Feb 01,  · Rotate Multiple Lisp routine with date shown The Routine allows you to rotate multiple objects such as blocks and text objects that have an “Insertion Point” to a user-specified angle. And instead o0f rotating everything around one base point, the object’s individual base point is used.
  • Groshura says:
    Hello all I need a lisp routine. I have lines and near them, there are diameter and count texts. Texts must be rotated similar to attached file (about 90 degree around their pick point),must NOT intersect with the lines and must be moved right to left from lines. Attached file can be helpfull. Any.
  • Kalar says:
    Oct 12,  · Here's a lisp routine that will scale or rotate a selected block definition on it's insertion point. Code: (defun c:BLKMOD (/ ang bent bentl bname bp d elist ent ind n1 ss1 x xval) (princ "\nBlock Modify") (setvar "cmdecho" 0) (setq bent (entsel "\nSelect reference block: ")) (setq bentl (entget (car bent))) (setq bname (cdr (assoc 2 bentl.
  • Gasar says:
    rotatefmodifies the values of each placeby rotating values from one placeinto another. If a placeproduces more values than there are store variables, the extra values are ignored. If a placeproduces fewer values than there are store variables, the missing values are set to nil. In the form (rotatef place1place2.
  • Gugrel says:
    The ROTATER is a simple & affordable tool for your shoulder rehab and performance. Used by physical therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors and YOU The ROTATER.
  • Mukora says:
    Sep 30,  · Then the lisp scan the block for a list off attributes, TAG1" "TAG2" "TAG3". And if the rotation angle is not 0 it rotates it to 0, and after give me the option to move the attributes. (defun c:ROTATEMOVEATTRIBUTE1 (/ tag ss sel) (vl-load-com) (setq tag '("TAG1" "TAG2" "TAG3")) ;;.
  • Meztijas says:
    Loading and Unloading file with LISP. 0. AutoLISP program giving inconsistent results. 0. autocad: script that runs autolisp functions. 2. autolisp list used as points in Autocad. 1. Rebuild Multiple Splines in AutoCAD. 0. AutoLISP function bad argument in AutoCAD. 0.
  • Tolar says:
    Jul 03,  · Q1. sum of square of two Numbers. sol: (defun sofsq (X Y) (+ (* X X) (* Y Y))) Q2. Factorial of a Number Sol: (defun factorial (N) (if (= N 1) 1 (* N (factorial (- N.

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